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Access the finest online portfolio of luxury accommodations type in South East Asia, India and China, or access our Expert travel desk to received the best selection of hotels, villas, unique experience or inspiration travel, for you next travel plan, according to your preferences. "Once a year travel to a place you've never been before"

Chartering a luxury private yacht is the most exclusive way to relax, take time out, and see more of the world. With 71% of the Earth covered in water, there is always a new horizon to discover – a different shoreline to explore -and there is no more exquisite way to travel than in the comfort and privacy of your own luxury yacht. Don’t just trust us on this one – try us.

On board a super-yacht you will enjoy the most superior level of luxury, witness truly exclusive views and full, unencumbered access to the most beautiful destinations in the world. On a charter vacation, you and your family can choose from a wide variety of activities on board, on land and in the water, delectable cuisine served both on deck and in local restaurants ashore, and an impeccable level of service from your knowledgeable and charming crew.

Andseleqt offer tailor made hollidays and have access to the best and most luxury private villas in Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka to suits all your needs..... And we got special rates for Members only too.

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